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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How do I sign up for Services?
A:  It's a Simple 3 Step Process:

1. Apply for Services: 
Just click the D.O.G. letters on the Services page.

2. Text/E-Mail Records:  Text photo of Vaccination Record to (508)963-5952
    or E-Mail Record to me.  If not possible, have copy available for me at consultation.  This
    record will show up to date rabies shot, bordatella (kennel cough), and distemper.

3. Meet me: Call or Text (508)963-5952 me or E-Mail to make
    an introductory appointment. Takes about 20 minutes.  I must be able to meet your dog-kid
    as well.  Please allow 15-20  minutes for consult.
Q: How old must my dog be for Group Hikes or Let Me Out! Home Visits?
A: Your dog must be 6 months or older for Group Hikes or 3 months or older
      for Let Me Out! Home Visits.

Q: With other options out there, why should I choose Wiggles & Tails?
A: There are some excellent options out there.  In fact, I often recommend
those options if they are outside my area, or if we are not a good fit.

- Convenience - You don't have to drop off your dog at daycare.
     - Affordability - Individual hikes are comparable to daycare, however blocks of
       sessions or a committed schedule with Wiggles & Tails are less expensive.
     - Dependability - Except in case of Extreme cold/wind chill, Weather State's of
       Emergency Declared by State, or scheduled days off during the year,  your dog will
       get a great hike or visit regardless of rain, sleet, snow, or heat.  Wiggles & Tails will
       take care of your daytime dog needs so you don't have to. During blizzards for
       example, if you are working, group hikes may be postponed,  but I will still do
       Home Visits to your dog.
     - Commitment - We are committed to the happiness of your dog and the success of 
       our business.  Your dog's happiness is guaranteed.  If you are ever displeased with
       our services, cancel anytime and I will refund the money from your most recent
     - Safety and Fitness - We regard the safety and health of your dog as the top priority
       on hikes.  We will never off-leash your dog within 100 yards of dangerous areas
       such as roads, and will make sure your dog is on strong voice-command before
       we let him/her off-leash.

Q: Will my dog get injured?
A: We take every precaution to ensure your dog's safety. 

     The truth is that your dog will probably get scratched or nipped from time to time.  If
     you've played with your dog recently, you have probably gotten scratched.  There is
     always a potential for injury, but serious injury is unlikey.  Dogs have claws and teeth
     which they use to play and in cases of defense or attack.  We do not accept aggressive
     dogs, however we will offer one-on-one walks with aggressive dogs at a much higher rate
     to be discussed. In cases of extreme aggression, we will absolutely refuse services. Group
     hikes will be exclusively non-aggressive, playful dogs on-leash and when a comfort and
     understanding is reached with your dog, off-leash.  Our hikes on-leash involve extensive
     adventure walks and runs.  Off-leash your dog will play with other dogs and have a lot of
     fun.  If minor scratches or a torn claw occurs, we will notify you and act accordingly. 
     We generally use VCA or IVG hospitals if serious injury or sickess should
     occur overnight.  

    We Never Use Shock Collars.  We are adamately against these types of collars or any
    type of painful obedience/training techniques.  Positive reinforcement/encouragement for
    obedience is the only method we accept.
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